Mr. Velasquez is an experienced Foreclosure Defense Lawyer. When I heard about him through a friend, I immediately visited his office and hired him to defend me in the foreclosure lawsuit the bank had filed against me. I was extremely worried that I would lose my home. He answered all my questions with patience and accepted my case. He was able to obtain a loan modification for me which allowed me to keep my home. I am extremely grateful for his hard work and professionalism throughout this extremely stressful time for me and my family.

I am Ms. Rodriguez, I’m not a citizen of the U.S. and was facing deportation because of my immigration status. I wanted to find a lawyer that was understanding of my situation and had knowledge of the immigration laws of this country. Juan took his time to learn about my case and fought hard for me to be able to stay in this country. I really appreciate all of his hard work and dedication.

Ms. Rodriguez

Juan is a very responsible and knowledgeable lawyer who took me out of the stress and grief from being accused of a crime. He believed my side of the story and fought for me, all his hard work and efforts paid off as he was able to get my charges dismissed and now I’m looking forward to living a peaceful life.

I’m Mario, I was involved in a serious car accident where I was hit by an armored truck. I was out of work for some time and I racked up high medical expenses because of my injuries from the crash. I found Mr. Velasquez through an online search and met with him during a free consultation at his office to discuss my case. He understood my case very well and aggressively fought the insurance company to get me the compensation I needed to get my life back to normal. I highly recommend his services.


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