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Property Damage Claims

Property insurance covers damage caused by a variety of different events, from the most mundane events to major disasters. In any property damage insurance claim, there is always the risk that the insurance company will deny, delay or underpay a valid claim for a myriad of different reasons, from disputes over whether an event is covered to bad faith motives hiding behind the insurer’s actions. Miami property damage insurance attorney Juan Velasquez and his team at Velasquez & Associates help residential and commercial policyholders get the value of the insurance policy they own by advocating for them in negotiations or litigation with the insurance companies. No matter what type of property damage you may have, we’ll represent you from the very first step of filing your claim, all the way to dealing with any disputes or unfair treatment that may occur. Contact our office for help, including damage to your property based on any of the following types of claims.

What are the most common types of property damage claims in Miami?

Hurricane season comes to Florida for six months out of every year, with three long months between August and October amounting to peak hurricane season along both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. In addition to natural disasters caused by hurricanes and tropical storms, property owners face everyday common disasters as well, including roof leaks, burst pipes, plumbing backups and other water supply issues. In addition, building and household fires occur for a variety of reasons, from faulty wiring or appliance malfunctions to cooking fires and lightning strikes.

Property damage claims most frequently involve claims based on the following types of damage:

  • Flooding
  • Water Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Smoke and Fire Damage
  • Mold
  • Hail Damage
  • Theft of Property
  • Vandalism/Destruction of Property

What problems typically arise based on these damage claims?

Depending on the event that occurred, property owners frequently suffer multiple types of damage arising out of one incident. It may be that some types of damage are covered and others aren’t, and the same type of damage may be covered or excluded depending on what caused the damage. For instance, water damage could be covered or excluded by a given policy depending upon whether the damage was caused by a storm surge, flooding, wind-driven rain, a burst pipe or water heater, fire suppression or a damaged roof. Coverage for fire damage (and related-smoke damage) may be dependent on the origin and cause of the fire, which may require expert investigation to determine. Mold remediation can be especially costly if the damage is extensive, and insurance companies may dispute whether the mold was due to a covered event. Is it reasonable to suspect mold after any type of water intrusion, even before any mold is visible? Important factual and legal questions such as these are frequently disputed when a claim is presented for payment. Being represented by a knowledgeable and experienced property damage insurance attorney can help ensure you won’t be unfairly taken advantage of by the insurance company.

Effective Legal Help with all Miami Property Damage Insurance Claims

For help getting valuable and vital insurance benefits after damage to your property, call the Miami property damage insurance claim attorney Juan Velasquez at Velasquez & Associates for a free consultation about your claim. We only get paid if you get paid first.

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