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Wrongful Death

scaffolding-collapseVelasquez & Associates, P.A are wrongful death and personal injury lawyers that help people who have lost their loved one in an accident or due to medical negligence of a person or a company. This loss is unbearable and no compensation can make up for it. But, when the death was sudden and due to reckless driving, negligence or intentional, then it becomes more difficult to accept it. At Velasquez & Associates, P.A, our lawyer assists you in getting justice for your devastating loss of a loved one.

In general, wrongful death cases are very complex, financially draining and emotionally exhausting. Our concerned lawyers and staff answer all your questions and investigate the case, so that you may get justice. You can claim for compensation on the various financial and emotional fronts like:-

  • Funeral and related expenses
  • Emotional and Mental pain
  • Medical pain and suffering
  • Present as well as future loss of wages
  • Loss of wages due to accident
  • Loss of affection and companionship in life
  • Children’s loss of supervision and guidance

If you are among those who have lost your family member and loved one in a wrongful death caused by another person or company, then it is the time to seek justice for them. Hire Velasquez & Associates, P.A, it is a law firm that has experience in these matters. We will fight for you and your loved one to make sure that we get the compensation that you deserve.

We can’t heal the pain of your tragic loss. But, we are competent enough to help you in all the legal matters. Our experienced Miami wrongful death lawyers are versed in understanding this process and help you survive in this devastating and economic situation as well. We mark each point cautiously and then give you the emotional as well as legal support. Our primary goal is to accomplish all your wrongful death objectives. For this, we fight legally and ethically till you will get the full justice. We believe to be ethical and adopt all fair ways to get you relieved from this awful situation.


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