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A Day At The Spa May Not Be As Safe As You Think It Is


A day at the spa is supposed to be fun, relaxing and rewarding. Usually it is…unless something goes wrong. And what many people don’t know is how wrong a day at the nail salon can go. In fact, people have been seriously injured by a simple visit to the local nail salon.

Small Injuries, Big Problems

What makes nail salon injuries go so “under the radar,” is that they often start off small. They may begin as simple small cuts, or tiny little nicks where the work is being done. At first, these may not seem like such a big deal—in fact they may be so small, we may not even realize that we were injured at all.

But those small injuries can get much worse than they would have been outside a nail salon, because of the special circumstances that happen inside nail salons. One of those circumstances is lack of proper cleaning and sanitation.

If not properly cleaned, the tools used at salons can invite bacteria into your system through these otherwise small wounds. That bacteria can easily lead to an infection. If an infection goes untreated for too long, amputation can be the next step.

That sounds like over-dramatizing, but it does happen. Many people have lost toes or fingers, shortly after a visit to the nail salon.

You can then compound the risk, with any underlying conditions that someone may have. For example, someone with diabetes, or peripheral artery disease, or some other condition, may have a poor reaction to a small wound, especially one that becomes infected.

Is Your Wound Infected?

How do you know if a nail salon wound is something that needs further attention? If a wound that you suffered at a nail salon exhibits any of the following, you should get medical help immediately:

-The wound hurts, or bruises, outside of the immediate area; that is, the pain seems to be spreading and is not proportionate to the size of the wound itself

-You feel ill, like you have a cold or the flu

-You have numbness in a toe or finger, or wherever the wound was, or a limitation in movement in the area

-You notice any discoloration around the wound

Precautions and Staff Training

Although it only takes simple precautions to avoid injury, many nail salons don’t take those precautions. For example, many will use and re-use tools on one patient after another, without cleaning, or proper, full cleaning.

Many salon workers are not properly trained in cleaning and sanitation, or may not be provided the tools to properly clean and sanitize, where they are working. Workers may also be preoccupied with TVs, talking, or phones, and that can lead to injuries as well.

Injuries in a nail salon or spa can be serious. We can help. Contact the Miami personal injury attorneys at Velasquez & Associates P.A. today.




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