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Unusual Things Your Homeowners’ Policy Covers


One good thing about homeowners’ insurance is that it covers damage and losses that you may not think of, and can make sure that if you have damage to your property, that you are not “out of pocket” in having to make necessary repairs. Here are some things that your homeowners’ insurance policy likely covers, that you probably didn’t think it would.

The Small Things

Certainly, you wouldn’t make a claim for just your clothes, or just your books, or just the food in your refrigerator. In most cases, the value of these items may not even eclipse your deductible. But if there is damage to your property, you can include any and all of these items in your policy claim.

So, for example, if a pipe bursts, and it sprays water all over floor and your book collection, you don’t only receive the value of repairing or replacing your floor—you can add in the value of the books.

If your refrigerator is broken because of damage to your property, you don’t just include the value of the refrigerator—you can add in the value of the groceries which are lost. For people who stock up on food months in advance, losses to stored groceries can be significant.


In storms, we think of wind and water or flooding, but in Florida, lightning can cause serious damage to your property as well.

You can lessen the risk of your home being hit by lightning by installing a lightning protection system, and by making sure major electronics are unplugged. But in the event of a lightning strike, your insurance will cover damage to your home, and the contents inside your home.

Wild Animals

This may not be a huge cause of property damage in Florida’s urban areas, but for areas that border the everglades, or in the more rural parts of South Florida, wildlife can enter your property and cause damage. Of course, the animals causing the damage must be considered wild animals, and they can’t be animals you own (like your own pets).

If a wild animal is owned by someone else, and the animal(s) break free and cause damage to your property, you may have to make a third party claim against the owner’s insurance. But regardless of whether there is a third party involved, your insurance should cover most losses caused by wild animals.

Dorms (Sometimes)

In some cases, and depending on your policy, personal possession stolen or damaged from a dorm room of a child, can be insured under a parents homeowners’ insurance policy. This is of course dependent on your policy, but if you have a child living in a college town, you should see about getting this coverage.


Tombstones sometimes are insured under your homeowners’ policy, assuming the tombstones weren’t damaged by the negligence of staff at whatever cemetery the tombstone is located at. But if your policy has such coverage, vandalism, or damage to tombstones can be insured.

Questions about whether damage to your home or to your property should be covered by your insurance policy? Contact the Miami property damage insurance attorneys at Velasquez & Associates P.A. today for help.


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